Amy Lesko – Bitchin’ Bugs



Bitchin’ Bugs. You heard correctly; it’s the name of the one and only Amy Lesko‘s final publication project. Graduating this year and moving on to bigger and better things, we thought we’d sit down with Amy and find out a little more about this unique, hand-made book. 

Amy – where does the name come from?

That’s a good question! To be honest I really struggled with the name in the beginning because as it turns out, not many things make insects sound exciting to an older audience. I was just sprouting words with my course mates until “Bitchin’ Bugs” was said, it rolled off the tongue and sounded, well, bitchin! I asked my friends to see if I could get away with the so called bad language and hey, it’s 2016 am I right?! My tutors were a bit more hesitant but I really liked it thus I brushed away their plea for me to “think about changing it”. I’m glad I went with it, people seem to love Bitchin’ Bugs!

Explain the book in five words
A bit of printed fun.
Tell us about the process behind the publication, in what sense did you want the leaves to be perforated and die cut for a playful feel?
I knew from the beginning of the project that I wanted the book to be printed in an alternative way; I had just discovered risograph printing and couldn’t get enough and the rest is history. I have always loved books that you can interact with, such as perforated pages and inserts so naturally I put this into my own work! The physical making of the books were a massive week-long challenge, all printed and hand bound in house at Dizzy Ink, Nottingham by myself and Craig Proud. The books have an included throw-out which really pushed the limits of riso printing (and the limits of ourselves) but we nailed it! Bitchin’ Bugs contains three inserts printed onto some lovely GF Smith Colorplan stock which breaks up the pace and adds some funk. I want people to not only look at the book but to also have a playful journey. 

Where did your main inspirations come from; was there anyone who shone out in particular in the creation of this handmade publication?

I love the whole thrown together, bit raw around the edges vibe that stems from zines and zine culture. With riso printing you aren’t going to get 100% perfect results, but that’s what makes it perfect. I wanted my images and materials to have this organic feel which works hand-in-hand with the risograph process. It leads back to the idea of chucking images on the photocopier in the way zines used to be created. Some of the numbers and headings in Bitchin’ Bugs are actually copied into my computer and printed out to look like they have been photocopied; a nod to my inspirations. 
What’s next for you?

I have a little Printernship lined up with the guys at Dizzy so that’s going to be awesome and I can’t wait to see what work will stem from that! I also have a small publication in the making but it’s top secret for now, shushhhhh…

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You can connect with Amy to check out her other projects via her own WebsiteTwitter, Instagram and her Blog

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